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Why Trauma Therapy Does Not Have To Follow Physical Trauma

When you think of trauma, you probably think of physical trauma. Physical trauma comes at the hands of assailants, or in the form of really horrifying car accidents. However, physical trauma is not the only form of trauma, and trauma therapy does not have to follow just physical trauma. Here is why. 

There Is Emotional and Psychological Trauma Too

​Soldiers and domestic violence survivors suffer from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. It is a legitimate psychological disorder that follows events too difficult for people to face. If they are going to recover from such events, they need to go through a lot of therapy and counseling. They cannot deal with this psychological disorder on their own. 

​Likewise, people go through emotional traumas as well. Maybe their children were taken from them based on a set of lies told by a former spouse. Maybe they were constantly verbally abused in a relationship, and now they cannot find or function in a healthy relationship. These emotionally traumatic events require just as much counseling, if not more, than physical trauma victims. 

​Sometimes All Three Kinds of Trauma Are Involved

​It is easy to see how emotional, psychological, and physical trauma can occur simultaneously. For example, someone in a very abusive relationship may be physically beaten daily, verbally assaulted by awful and hurtful words, and then psychologically toyed with like a cat with a mouse. When someone suffers all three types of trauma, severe psychological schisms begin to develop in order to help the person cope with what is happening to him/her. If he/she does not leave the relationship soon, then intensive, in-patient trauma therapy is needed to help restore most normal emotional and psychological functions to that person. 

​Not All Physical Trauma Is Remembered

Being born is a physical trauma. Your head is smushed inward in order to fit out of the vagina, but you do not remember that. Children who are asleep in a car when a car accident occurs do not report remembering any trauma either. Surgery is a form of physical trauma, and yet patients do not recall any of it because they are sedated. In several other instances where physical trauma occurs, you are either not likely to remember it, or there is no real need to remember it. In that case, you are not in therapy to treat the effects of a physical trauma. You may enter therapy to address other, unrelated emotional and/or psychological traumas. 

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