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Why Your Whole Family Needs Counseling When You're The Addict

When it comes to drug addiction, you think you're the only one affected by the disease of addiction. It doesn't matter what you're addicted to — be it drugs, prescription medications, or alcohol — when you have an addiction, the whole family suffers.

You should absolutely seek counseling for your addiction to help better your life and up your chances of staying clean. You should encourage your family to get counseling as well. Many drug treatment, detox centers, and addiction recovery services not only treat the addict but also offer counseling sessions for their families as well on a personal and group session level. Here are some reasons why it's a good idea for your family to get counseling when you are the one going through active addiction.

Your family learns how to help you

Addiction is not something you should have to go through alone. The best way for your loved ones to help you is to gain an understanding of how addiction works on a chemical, physical, and emotional level. The only way your family will truly be able to see how hard addiction is will be in counseling for the addiction you face. When your family goes to counseling, they learn the ways they are actually making your addiction easier and will learn ways to discontinue enabling you. When your family has a strong foundation to keep you clean and greater empathy for what you're going through, your success can be more possible.

Your family can learn to let go

Whatever ways your addiction has hurt your family — be it breaking your trust, costing them money, or actually put them in harm's way — your addiction has placed a toll on more people than just yourself. There is bound to be disappointment, anger, resentment, and fear among your family members, especially children and spouses who are closest to you and who have seen you at your worst.

Your family needs an outlet where they can be heard and ultimately let their feelings out. When your family members are given an opportunity to let go, they can rebuild healthier relationships with you as you undergo recovery, which is not only healthy for them but better for your treatment outcome as well.

Drug addiction is not a disease that only you suffer from. You have family that loves you and is worried about you. Allow and encourage them to get counseling so you can all be healthier as you reach recovery.