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3 Signs Your Teen Needs To Speak To A Psychiatrist

Children go through all sorts of changes as they grow up. They deal with peer pressure and ever-changing hormones. What might be a perfectly happy, healthy teen could end up turning into something disastrous for one reason or another. Whether it be that they are stressed out from things going on in everyday life or because something happened to them that they couldn't control, the key is helping the child deal with it in the best way possible. That way they are able to go about their life and move forward. Here are a few signs to be on the lookout for signaling it might be time to bring your teen to a psychiatrist.

They suddenly stop talking about things that they used to.

Oftentimes, when teenagers have something bothering them, they tend to bottle their emotions up. Instead of being able to convey what's going on, they figure they are better off holding it in. This often occurs when they are getting picked on at school and don't know how to stick up for themselves. This is where teens need to be taught self-confidence and not to let anyone bother them any longer.

They have trouble sleeping at night.

Teens who are traumatized by one event or another tend to end up reverting back in years. They start being scared of things that never bothered them before. If one of their friends had someone break into their home or someone recently broke into your home, teens can end up getting traumatized by that experience and worry it is going to happen again when they least expect it. The key is helping them to realize that nothing is going to get them. You have to show them that the problem is fixed. In this case, installing a security system might be all they need to put their minds at ease.

They don't have friends coming over any longer.

When someone or something starts to bother a teen, they end up reverting deep inside of themselves. This is even truer when no one jumps to their aid. All of their friends are thrown aside because they figure there is nothing that they can do to help. Regardless of whether your teen went from having two friends over or 10, you don't want them losing out on friends at all.

To find out more about what might be going on with your teen, schedule an appointment with a licensed psychiatrist who wants to help you get to the bottom of the problem.

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